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Step 2: Configure

This section covers SDK setup requirements, like setting up config files and Amazon MWS endpoints.


Complete the following steps to configure your website for Amazon Pay:

  1. Ensure that you have followed the setup steps in Adding allowed JavaScript origins or allowed return URLs.
  2. Set up Sandbox MWS endpoints and other URLs.

Best practice recommendation: All API calls should be submitted to the Sandbox for test purposes before being moved live to your production systems.

The table below shows the Sandbox-Endpoints. For a list of production endpoints, see Taking your integration live.

Payments API endpoint
Profile API URL

You can set up your Notification endpoints in Seller Central on the Settings > Integration Settings page.

Requirements for PHP are:
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Curl 7.18 or higher
More information on setup can be found on the Amazon Pay PHP SDK ( Here is an example of how to set the configuration while instantiating the Client object. Note that the Sandbox parameter is defaulted to false if not specified.

<?php namespace PayWithAmazon;

$config = array('merchant_id'   => 'YOUR_MERCHANT_ID',
  'access_key'   => 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY',
  'secret_key'   => 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY',
  'client_id'   => 'YOUR_LOGIN_WITH_AMAZON_CLIENT_ID',
  'region'   => 'REGION',
  'sandbox'   => true

$client = new Client($config);

// Also you can set the sandbox variable in the config() array of the Client class by

Requirements for Python are:
  • Python 3.2 or higher
  • pyOpenSSL 0.11 or higher
  • Requests 2.6.0 or higher
More information on setup can be found on the Amazon Pay Python SDK (

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