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 Order reference constraints | Amazon Pay

Order reference constraints

An Order Reference object is eligible for payment authorization and capture only after you confirm the order reference by calling the ConfirmOrderReference operation. The ConfirmOrderReference operation call will succeed only if there are no constraints on the Order Reference object. Constraints indicate that important order reference information is either missing or invalid.

You can take corrective actions to fix the order reference and remove the constraints before calling the ConfirmOrderReference operation. The following table lists the constraints and corrective action you must take to remove the constraint:

ConstraintId Description Corrective action
AmountNotSet You have not set the amount for the order reference. Call the SetOrderReferenceDetails operation and specify the order amount in the OrderTotal request parameter.
BuyerEqualsSeller The buyer cannot be the seller for this transaction. There is no corrective action. You cannot shop on your own website.
PaymentMethodNotAllowed The payment method chosen by the buyer is not allowed for this order reference. Show the Amazon Wallet widget and request the buyer to choose a different payment method.
PaymentPlanNotSet The buyer has not set a payment method for the given order reference. Show the Amazon Wallet widget to the buyer to collect payment information.
ShippingAddressNotSet The buyer has not chosen a shipping address from the Amazon AddressBook widget. Show the Amazon AddressBook widget to the buyer to collect shipping information.