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Required Hardware

You can use any HDMI monitor and USB Keyboard/Mouse for these tutorials.

You'll also need a Raspberry Pi 3, 8/16/32GB microSD Card, USB Mic, and 3.5mm compatible earbuds or speaker.

If you don't already have these items, you can find what you need here or click on the picture below.


For the Advanced Pi LED tutorial, you'll need some additional hardware. You can use any breadboard or LEDs you might have laying around. For our tutorial, we're using a GPIO Breakout Board Bundle from Canakit.

We've selected an inexpensive USB microphone for this tutorial - you can use a better USB microphone for improved voice recognition if you have one available. When you ship a commercial product, consider leveraging the Development Kits for AVS to ensure your voice hardware can pick up your customer's voice, even if they're far away or in a noisy environment.

Now that you've got everything you need in hand, let's set up your Raspberry Pi and start building!