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December 19, 2018 v2 launch.

  • Added section on Display Cards with additional requirements.
  • Minor wording revisions for clarity on all requirements.
  • Added the following requirements:
    • Invoking Alexa
      • If PTT is not available, TTT (Tap-to-Talk) via an on-screen button can be used to invoke Alexa.
      • Provide customers a way to disable Alexa hands-free listening under the Alexa menu.
      • Play the Alexa earcons at the beginning and end of speech input.
      • Enable hands-free listening only after the customer has completed Alexa setup.
      • Disable Alexa in restricted modes such as valet or for guest drivers.
    • Setup
      • Do not allow customers to sign in when the car is in motion.

August 14, 2018 v1 launch.