Functional Testing for a List Skill

A list skill is one whose manifest includes both a custom object and a "householdList" field in the apis object in the skill manifest. Manage list skills by using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Command Line Interface (CLI). When you submit a list skill for certification, you must meet the requirements for functional testing of a custom skill.

Skill Manifest Requirements

Information for certification is provided via a skill manifest, the content of that information is still the same as if you were providing information in the Amazon Developer Portal. Thus, refer to Certification Requirements for a submission checklist.

In particular, the publishingInformation and privacyAndCompliance objects include specific information that will affect certification. Ensure these are correct.

The testingInstructions field in the publishingInformation object must indicate how to link the third-party account to the skill, and provide credentials for this account, so that the tester can duplicate the skill workflow in its entirety. If your skill includes list synchronization functionality, mention this in the testing instructions.

Ensure you include exactly three phrases in the examplePhrases array in the publishingInformation object. Follow the typical standards for certification.

Functional Tests for List Skills

In addition to the functional testing of a custom skill, your list skill must meet the following functional requirements as well.

  • Test that when you add an item to your list through the Alexa skill, that the item appears in the third-party list, and vice versa.
  • If you delete an item, ensure that it is deleted in both places.