Wrap Up and Resources

This concludes the tutorial! For more information about ACDL, visit:

For more information about Alexa Conversations visit:

Continue the conversation

  • Reach out to the Alexa Developer team on Twitter @alexadevs
  • Join the Alexa Community slack at alexa.design/slack to chat with fellow Alexa skill developers.
  • Join the Alexa Developer team for regular streaming programs on Twitch and YouTube, where we regularly dive into advanced voice design concepts and new features of the ASK SDK.
  • Find code and coaching to help you get more proficient with Alexa features in the following GitHub repositories:
    • Alexa - SDKs & Complete Skills for supported features
    • Alexa-Samples - Code Snippets & Demonstrations
    • Alexa-Labs - Try new and experimental features

Give feedback

The Alexa Developer team is committed to providing online and in-person learning to help designers and developers create compelling voice experiences.

The team would love to hear from you about the following subjects:

  • This workshop. Please let us know what you liked, didn't like, and what we can do to improve!
  • Feature requests. Do you have a feature request for Alexa skill development?

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023