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Certified for Humans is an Amazon certification program for Alexa-compatible devices that identifies high-quality smart home experiences across setup, usability, and performance. Certified for Humans devices are struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. When your products are identified as Certified for Humans, they are eligible for Certified for Humans merchandising on, featured in the Certified for Humans storefront on Amazon, and backed by Amazon product support. These services increase customer confidence in your products and customer traffic to your listings.

Review the Certified for Humans program guidelines and minimum requirements

To be eligible for Certified for Humans certification, you must comply with the Certified for Humans program guidelines. To meet these guidelines, you must satisfy a minimum set of requirements for your product, Alexa integration, and business.

Alexa integration requirements

To be eligible for Certified for Humans certification, your Alexa integration must meet the following integration requirements:

To understand how your Alexa skill performs against these requirements, visit the Analytics page in the Alexa Skills Kit developer console. For more information, see View Skill Metrics.

Product requirements

To be eligible for Certified for Humans certification, your product must meet the following product requirements:

  • Have received the Works with Alexa certification.

  • Delight customers with a high average customer review rating on

  • Offer a minimum 90-day manufacturer warranty for both new and refurbished models of the device.

  • Support Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) technologies and be certified to enable simple setup for device connectivity.

  • Don't co-mingle FFS-enabled and non-FFS inventory on Separate FFS-enabled inventory from non-FFS inventory under unique identifiers, such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

  • Support automatic firmware updates that run in the background and not interrupt the customer experience.

  • Maintain compliance with industry-standard security best practices, including the following practices:

    • Use a secure software update distribution that uses cryptographic signing so that only authentic and authorized updates are applied to the device.

    • Implement industry standard device hardening methods. For example, prohibiting default passwords, removing unnecessary network services and software, validating inputs before processing it in services on the device, and applying all security patches to vulnerable open source software.

    • Use Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or greater for all communications outside of initial setup. Have the Amazon Trust Services root certificate authorities (CAs) installed in the CA bundle. Implement certificate validation for all TLS connections and validate that connections to the Alexa-enabled device are signed using the correct Amazon certificate.

    • Initial setup never includes the transmission of credentials over a non-TLS session.

Business requirements

To be eligible for Certified for Humans certification, your company must meet the following business requirements:

  • Maintain a mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of less than four hours for any integration issues.

  • Have a software maintenance update strategy in place that specifically defines how software updates are created and distributed within a reasonable period of discovery when vulnerabilities are identified.

  • Publish information on publicly available websites on how security researchers can notify your company of security vulnerabilities in your devices.

  • Implement and, upon request, share with Amazon a security response plan. The plan describes how your company proceeds if a security incident arises, when your company communicates with Amazon about an incident, and the estimated timelines for remediation of an incident.

  • Obtain a report from an independent security expert or a certified security specialist who has conducted an in-depth security review of the device, and provide it to Amazon upon request.

  • Submit reports of known exploitable security vulnerabilities that exist on the device along with a plan to fix the vulnerabilities.

Submit your products for Certified for Humans certification

After reviewing the previous requirements, evaluate if your product is eligible for certification. If ready for consideration, take the following steps:

  • Complete certification for Frustration-Free Setup and Works with Alexa.

  • Complete a security assessment from an independent security expert or certified security specialist.

  • Launch your product and gather a minimum of 90 days of performance data for latency, availability, state quality, and average review rating. The Certified for Humans program doesn't consider new products without a history of product and Alexa integration performance.

  • Compile proof of eligibility against all requirements for each individual product model, and contact Amazon at for consideration and next steps. Amazon assesses your product against the eligibility criteria and determines whether the quality and customer experience meets the Certified for Humans bar for certification.

Display the Certified for Humans merchandising on

If your product is identified for Certified for Humans certification, Amazon automatically applies the Certified for Humans merchandising to your ASINs on based on your application.

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Last updated: Nov 22, 2023