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What you'll learn

Welcome to Building Multi-turn Skills with Alexa Conversations. Throughout this course you'll learn the fundamentals of voice design, the challenges associated with building a custom dialog manager, and how to use use Alexa Conversations to solve these problems.

Time required: 120 - 240 minutes

Target audience

The material in this course is appropriate for complete beginners with no knowledge of code and experienced developers alike. This course is modular so you can either start from the beginning or jump to any section, download the code and learn.


To teach you the fundamentals of Alexa Conversations, we have prepared a multi-turn skill called Pet Match. The skill asks a series of questions and provides a recommendation based upon the answers. You will start with a set of dialogs and build the skill using Alexa Conversations. Along the way you'll learn the concepts in context so you'll be equipped to build your own skill upon completing this course.

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