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Certify Your Device with Works with Amazon Alexa

Works with Amazon Alexa is a certification program that raises the bar on responsiveness, reliability, and functionality, ensuring your customers have the best smart home experiences. When your products are certified, they can carry the Works with Amazon Alexa badge in the Amazon Smart Home Store and on product packaging. This increases customer confidence that your products integrate seamlessly with Alexa, which in turn increases traffic to your products in the Amazon Smart Home Store and offline channels.

Take the following steps to obtain Works with Amazon Alexa certification.

Review the Works with Amazon Alexa Program Guidelines

Smart home device manufacturers must comply with the Works with Amazon Alexa Program Guidelines to be eligible to apply to use the Works with Amazon Alexa badge.

If you are approved to use the Works with Amazon Alexa badge for your products, your use of the Works with Amazon Alexa badge must comply with the Works with Amazon Alexa Trademark Usage Guidelines and the Badge Guidelines.

Create and Test a Smart Home Skill with Your Devices

If you don’t have a smart home skill for your products, or your products don’t work with a hub that has a smart home skill, you will need to create one. As a part of this, you will need to write code that interacts with your device cloud to perform operations such as turning your devices off and on and adjusting their settings.

  1. Create a Smart Home skill: Log in to and create a smart home skill that works with your products. A smart home skill includes code, called a skill adapter, which provides the communication between Alexa and your products. Learn more about creating a smart home skill.
  2. Thoroughly test your products and skill with Alexa: Enable your skill for testing in the development portal and test it thoroughly with your product using an Alexa-enabled device or app. You product must respond quickly and handle error conditions correctly to make it through the certification process.
  3. Submit your skill for certification: To identify that you’d like to be considered for the Works with Amazon Alexa program, include a “#WorksWithAmazonAlexa” identifier in the Testing Instructions section of the developer portal prior to skill submission. Provide this identifier in addition to other information such as descriptions and images that are required in the Amazon Developer Portal.

Submit Your Products for Testing and Certification

If you already have a skill, or you’ve finished creating one, you can move on to the next step, which is completing the Works With Amazon Alexa application and submitting your products for testing.

  1. Get the application forms and submit your products for certification: Request and fill out your application with the required information such as your name, your company name, ASINs for your products and other information. Once you submit this information, you will be contacted by a representative from the test facility within 48 hours with instructions on how to get your products to the certification facility. You can expect a round of certification testing to take about 10 business days.
  2. Product certification: Work with the test facility to get your products through certification. The test facility will provide information such as the cost to certify your products. If for any reason your products do not initially pass certification, the certification facility will provide you with information about test failures so you can take steps to correct the issues. Each time you submit your products for certification, there will be a fee assessed by the testing facility. You will receive a certification confirmation ID once your products have been successfully certified.
  3. Get your Works with Amazon Alexa badge: Once your products have passed the certification tests, they will be listed on the Alexa Smart Home Store. We will also send you Smart Home go-to-market guidelines that explain how to use the Works with Amazon Alexa badge in your detail pages and offline merchandising.