The Footer layout is used to consistently display hints at the bottom of a screen. Footers provide a good way to teach customers new utterances and ways to use your skill. Hints should provide contextual help or surface additional actions and functionality to the customer.

Layout packages

In this Design Guide, we include recommendations that reference layouts which are not part of core APL. These are available in the Layout package, which is available for you to use. Please refer to the information on importing document properties for implementation details.

Example of hint text in the Footer on a Hub device using Bookerly font.

Footers are placed outside of the scrolling content area, anchored to the bottom of the screen. Footers are most commonly used to display Hints for customers. Note that Footers are hidden for small devices because they might not be clearly visible. So for smaller devices, you can use text components or other ways to incorporate hints into your skills.

Use the following property to customize your footer:

Hint (optional)

A hint string is the action or utterance that a customer can say in your skill and does not include the wake word. To customize the hint in your Footer, use the textToHint data transformer, then simply provide the hint string and the we will handle the rest of the structure.

verb “wakeWord, hintString”

A device might be set to use an alternative wake word. Below are two examples of properly formatted hints with different wake words, "Alexa" and "Echo":

Example of hint text formatting using the Alexa wake word.
Example of hint text formatting using an alternative wake word.

Note: To ensure your hints will be formatted properly, and the customer's selected wake word will always appear automatically within your hint, you must use the textToHint data transformer.

You should display properly formatted hints that are relevant to the skill, or screen, that the customer is viewing. If you have no relevant or interesting hint to provide for a screen, consider providing no hint at all. If you include too many hints that are not related to the current skill, your customer might start to ignore them. Hints that are not formatted properly will also not be easily identified by customers, and might not pass certification.

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