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How to promote your Fire TV app

Moses Roth Apr 23, 2024
How to Make Money Fire TV

To date, there have been more than 200 million Fire TV devices sold globally. By promoting your app with the Fire TV Self-Service Advertising console, you can create and manage ad campaigns on Fire TV to reach an engaged customer base. Your ads can appear in the “Sponsored: Apps and Games” tile on the home screen and as a screensaver on Fire TV. Enhanced targeting features will ensure your ads reach the right audiences.

Fire TV Self-Service Advertising is based on cost-per-click (CPC), there is no minimum amount you need to spend so you pay only when customers click your ads. Choose your own bids and budget, and pause or start your campaign at any time to align with your spending goals.

The only requirements are:

In the Developer Console, go to Apps & Services > Promotions.

Promotions tab on the Amazon Developer Portal

Under Promotions you will see Promote your app on Fire TV widget (below the Price Drop widget).

Promote your app on Fire TV widget

Click Get started.

You will be taken to your advertising account. Click Create Campaign.

Campaign Manager Set up

Enter the required ad campaign info, including the campaign name, start and end dates, and daily budget.

Ad campaign info inputs

Choose the app you’d like to advertise.

Selecting the product to advertise inputs

For the ad format, you can choose either Sponsored Tiles or Sponsored Screensaver.

Ad formats

Sponsored tiles are ad placements within a row which allow promotion of content titles and apps in Fire TV. Viewers can scroll down to the sponsored row using the remote on Fire TV.

Example of Pluto TV as a sponsored tile on the Fire TV

For sponsored tiles, you can use the default images or customize your own.

Using default images to customize sponsored tiles

Sponsored screensaver is a full-screen ad placement integrated with the original landscape image screensaver experience on Fire TV. After a period of inactivity, Fire TV shows a screensaver that is led by full screen promotional images. Each image shows for 30 seconds. Customers can view more details of the ad by pressing the Play or Pause button on their remote controls.

Sponsored Screensaver

For screensaver, you’ll need to upload your background image, choose the content title style, and your provider.

Creative Screensaver

Next you’ll provide your bid amount (CPC for sponsored tiles or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) for screensaver) and targeting (if available in your region). The default bid amount is determined by your marketplace.


Selecting Bidding amount, Interest targeting, and Location targeting

Click Submit for review and your campaign should be reviewed within 24 business hours.

That’s all there is to it! Whether this is your first campaign for your first app or you’ve done this a hundred times, it’s an exciting moment and we can’t wait to see your app get the attention it deserves.

Click here to get started with your ad campaign and let us know if you have any questions on the Amazon Appstore community space.

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