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Steps to Create a List Skill

Steps to Create a List Skill

A list skill has access to list and skill events, allowing a richer and more responsive customer experience.

In order to create a list skill, you can create or update a skill through ASK CLI (Alexa Skills Kit Command-Line Interface), and edit the skill manifest to include the appropriate apis object and the appropriate permissions and events objects.

To create a list skill:

Follow the Quick Start to install ASK CLI and create a new skill.

Edit the skill.json file, which contains the skill manifest file, as follows:

  • Your skill manifest can be either a skill manifest with householdList in the apis object, or a custom skill manifest with an additional householdList field in the apis object. See the sample manifests in Skill Manifest.

  • Set up your skill to prompt the customer to grant the appropriate permissions. Your skill.json file should include a permissionsInfo object, as described in Update Skill Definition to Include Events.

  • Your skill manifest must include an events object which includes your subscriptions to events, as seen in Skill Manifest. Include only those events that are required by your skill.

  • If your skill manifest includes an events object and it does not include custom in the apis object, then an interaction model is not required, although it is allowed.

  • If using an AWS Lambda function for your skill service, ensure that your AWS Lambda function endpoint is configured with an Alexa Skills Kit trigger. You can do this in the AWS Console, as described here.

If your skill is a custom skill that does not use events, you can continue to manage it through the Amazon Developer Portal, and it is not considered a list skill even if it interacts with lists.

However, if your skill does not include a custom component, or if your skill includes events, you must manage it through ASK CLI, because management of skills that require SMAPI is not currently supported on the Amazon Developer Portal. Thus, if you set up your skill to consume events, it can only be managed with ASK CLI, and not with the Amazon Developer Portal.

For more information about using list events in your skill, see List Events in Alexa Skills.

To update an existing skill to include list events, see Add Events to Your Skill with SMAPI.