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Encapsulates details about a Capture object and its status.

Datatype: content

Element Name Description
AmazonCaptureId The Amazon-generated identifier for this capture.

Type: xs:string
CaptureReferenceId The identifier for this capture that you specify.

Maximum: 32 characters.

Type: xs:string
SellerCaptureNote A description for the capture that is displayed in emails to the buyer.

Maximum: 255 characters.

Type: xs:string
CaptureAmount The amount to be captured.

Type: Price
RefundedAmount The total amount that has been refunded on this capture.

Type: Price
CaptureFee The fee that was charged by Amazon for this capture. Fee information is shown only after the capture is completed so you might need to check back later to see it or wait to receive the capture IPN message.

Type: Price
IdList A list of AmazonRefundId identifiers that have been requested on this Capture object.

This list is empty if you have not requested any refunds on this capture.

Type: List of Type: xs:string
CreationTimestamp The time at which the capture was created. In ISO 8601 format.

Type: xs:dateTime
CaptureStatus Represents the current status of the capture.

For more information about the State and ReasonCode response elements, see Capture States and Reason Codes.

Type: Status
SoftDescriptor The description to be shown on the buyer's payment instrument statement.

Maximum: 16 characters

Type: xs:string