The Footer responsive component is used to display hints at the bottom of the screen. Hints provide a good way to teach customers how to use your skill. They should provide contextual help or surface additional actions and functionality to the customer.

Layouts Package

The design recommendations in the guide reference the Layouts Package, which is an additional set of properties that you will need to import to use responsive components in your skill. Check out Alexa Layouts Package for more information.

Example of hint text in the Footer on two Hub devices using Bookerly font.

Footers are placed outside of the scrolling content area, anchored to the bottom of the screen.


A hint informs the customer about actions they can take or how to use your skill. Hints are optional so avoid using them if you have no relevant or interesting information to provide. Additionally, if you include too many hints, your customers will ignore them.

If you provide example utterances for customers to try, don't include the wake word. A customer could have set their device to a different wake word than “Alexa”. Below are two examples of properly formatted hints with different wake words, "Alexa" and "Echo".

Example of hint text formatting using the Alexa wake word.
Example of hint text formatting using an alternative wake word.

To customize the hint in your Footer, use the textToHint data transformer to automatically add the correct wake word to your hint string. You’ll supply the text string and Amazon will handle the rest of the structure for you.

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