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Amazon Pay Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Upgrade

Upgrading billing agreements for PSD2 and SCA

If you've already completed an Amazon Pay automatic payments integration, you can meet requirements of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) by implementing the Amazon Pay Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) upgrade for billing agreements.

The SCA Upgrade introduces a post-checkout experience (“Confirmation Flow”) to handle SCA when it’s required. If SCA is required, the Confirmation Flow shows the credit card issuer’s SCA challenge to the buyer. After the buyer interacts with the Confirmation Flow (for example, completes the SCA challenge), the buyer is returned to the merchant’s site (for example, order confirmation page). Find all details of PSD2 and SCA on our help page.

Identify your use case

Before starting your SCA upgrade, determine which upgrade instructions to follow by identifying the integration pattern that you use:

  • Customer-initiated transactions (charge now) If the customer is present on your website during the time of the purchase (and not only during the setup of the billing agreement), follow the customer-present instructions here.
    Sample use cases: one-click checkout and express checkout using billing agreements.
    Guide for updating customer-initiated Billing Agreements
  • Merchant-initiated transactions (charge later) If the customer is not present on your website during the time of the purchase, follow the buyer-not-present instructions here.
    Sample use cases: subscriptions for digital-only goods or services, and payment after purchase.
    Guide for updating merchant-initiated Billing Agreements