Get Metrics for Echo Button Skills

As with other custom skills, you can get metrics for your Echo Button skills through the developer console.

Available Metrics

Available metrics include:

  • Sessions - Total sessions, maximum sessions, and average sessions over a specified time range. Also provides successful end session types, average sessions per customer, and a breakdown of successful, failed, and no-response sessions as a percentage of total sessions.
  • Unique customers - Total unique customers, maximum unique customers, and average unique customers within a specified time range.
  • Utterances - Total utterances, average utterances, and utterance responses.
  • Intents - Unique customers per intent, total utterances per intent, total intents, and failed intents.

How to Get Metrics for Your Skill

To get metrics for your skill, sign in to the developer console. Find your skill in the list, and then select Analytics.

For information about the metric types, see the Alexa blog.