Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide

Design Checklist

Key components to a great user experience

How do you know you got it right? As you create a voice experience, consider the following.

Make it clear how customers can benefit from your skill
Design toward making tasks and entertainment faster, easier, and more enjoyable, to increase the likelihood that customers will be excited to try your skill and then use it again.
Make sure customers can find your skill
Offer a unique skill with a unique name to help customers realize why they want to try your skill.
Design for natural language conversation
Use everyday language and invite customers to say things in the ways they usually do to increase comfort with your skill.
Use good interaction design practices
Design all task flows and sequences that customers need to interact with. Include account linking, task beginnings and endings, a main state for your skill, and a “what can I say next” state. Make sure customers know they have completed each step.
Handle unexpected user utterances gracefully
Ensure that follow-up questions make sense, feel good, and help make customers successful.
Watch customers try to use your skill
Observe people who are unfamiliar with the skill as they use a test version, to help you understand what works and what doesn’t, and make adjustments as needed.