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Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon introduction

Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon provide buyers with a secure, trusted, and convenient way to sign in and pay for their purchases on your site by using their Amazon credentials. The end-to-end buyer experience is designed to make checkout easy and secure for buyers and payment processing easy and secure for you.

How do Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon work?

Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon are embedded directly into your existing website; all buyer interactions with Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon take place in embedded widgets so that the buyer never leaves your site.

The buyer sees an Amazon Pay or Login with Amazon button on your website:


The buyer authenticates with Amazon:

If this is the first time that the buyer signs in, they must give consent to share their profile information with you. You can use the profile information to create a customer profile or account on your website.

The buyer chooses a shipping address and payment method:

The purchase is confirmed and you thank the buyer

Checkout process with Amazon Pay on mobile devices

Amazon Pay widgets are fully responsive and natively optimized for mobile devices: