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Encapsulates details about a Billing Agreement object and its current state.

Datatype: content

Element name Description
AmazonBillingAgreementId This value is retrieved from the Amazon Button, AddressBook, or Wallet widgets.

Type: xs:string
BillingAgreementLimits Represents the total amount that you can charge a buyer in a given time period.

Type: BillingAgreementLimits
Buyer Provides details about the buyer. This information is returned only after you confirm the billing agreement.

Type: Buyer
SellerNote Represents a description of the billing agreement that is shown in emails to the buyer and on the Amazon Pay website. This response element is not returned if you have not set it by calling the SetBillingAgreementDetails operation.

Type: xs:string
PlatformId Represents the SellerId of the solution provider that developed the platform.

Type: xs:string
Destination Represents the address chosen by the buyer through the AddressBook widget.

Complete buyer information is returned only after you have confirmed the billing agreement or have specified a valid AccessToken in the GetBillingAgreementDetails operation. Until then, only the City, StateOrRegion, PostalCode, and CountryCode elements are returned.

Type: Destination
ReleaseEnvironment Indicates if the order is for a Live (Production) or Sandbox environment.

Type: xs:string
SellerBillingAgreementAttributes Provides more context about the billing agreement represented by this Billing Agreement object. This response element is not returned if you have not set it by calling the SetBillingAgreementDetails operation.

Type: SellerBillingAgreementAttributes
BillingAgreementStatus Indicates the current status of the billing agreement.

For more information about the State and ReasonCode response elements, see Billing agreement states and reason codes.

Type: BillingAgreementStatus
Constraints A list of constraints that indicates mandatory information that is missing or incorrect. The presence of constraints indicates that the billing agreement is not ready to be confirmed and cannot be used for payment operations.

For more information, see Billing agreement constraints.

Type: List of Constraint
CreationTimestamp The date and time, in UTC, when the billing agreement was created. In ISO 8601 format.

Type: xs:dateTime
BillingAgreementConsent Indicates the current buyer's consent for the billing agreement.

Type: xs:boolean