Alexa's icon style is minimalist and slightly rounded. The simplicity of the design allows for the icons to complement the messages within the UI. The icons scale properly for their size and stroke weight, in accordance with Android convention. Most commonly, icons are used as image buttons to indicate a state or action.

Image formatting

Because the Alexa platform is designed to display on a vast range of devices with varied screen sizes and resolutions, you need to consider how icon assets will scale up or down with the various resolution capabilities of these devices for your experience.

To use image based icons in your Alexa experience, you will need to provide an asset for each of the six primary density classes. For example, if you have an icon that is 72 x 72 pixels for medium-density screens, you will need to provide that same icon in all of the following sizes: (54, 72, 108, 144, 216, 288).

Icon of a microphone scaling from smallest image to the left, to largest image on the right.

Icon density chart

Icon Size Examples Multiplier Classification PPI
54 x 54 px .75x ldpi ~120 ppi and below
72 x 72 px (baseline) 1x mdpi ~160 ppi
108 x 108 px 1.5x hdpi ~240 ppi
144 x 144 px 2x xhdpi ~320 ppi
216 x 216 px 3x xxhdpi ~480 ppi
288 x 288 px 4x xxxhdpi ~640 ppi

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