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Step 1: Register as an Amazon Developer and Create the Skill

To configure a new smart home skill, you need an account on the Amazon Developer Console. If you don't already have an account, go to and create an account.

Registering is free. Once you've registered:

1. Open the Amazon Developer Console in a browser.

2. Click the Create Skill button.

create skill screenshot

3. Enter the Skill name as my-smart-home-skill


Your skill name must adhere to our content guidelines, found at Note that your skill's name must not indicate that its functionality is limited. For example, you should not use "basic", "reduced" or "simple" in the title of your skill.

4. Leave the Default language set to English (US).

5. Under Choose a model to add to your skill page, select Smart Home, which is a pre-built model, and click Create skill.

choose a model screenshot

6. Leave the default Payload version set to v3.

7. Copy your Skill ID to the clipboard. The ID will be in a format similar to the following: amzn1.ask.skill.1a2b55555-c325-1234-d56e-1f234d5e6a78. Keep this page open and open a new tab, you’ll come back here to paste the Default endpoint after you create it in just a few moments.

copy skill ID screenshot