Tutorial: Build an Engaging Skill

Module 7: Finalize Your Skill

Welcome to module 7 of our introductory tutorial on building an engaging Alexa skill. In this module, we'll learn how to finalize your skill before you publish it on the skill store.

Time required: 10 - 15 minutes

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Preview feature to add customer-facing information about your skill
  • How to set up privacy and compliance for your skill
  • How to set up the appropriate availability option for your skill
  • How to set up a beta test for your skill

top nav screenshot

Let's take a look at each area and the information you must provide.

Skill Preview

In this area, you provide information about how your skill should appear in the Alexa Skills Store. In the images below, select each information marker for insight into each field.

skill preview screenshot
skill preview screenshot


If your skill supports multiple languages, you must provide the Skill Preview information for each language.

After saving your information on this page, you can preview the skill card in the Alexa app. The app shows both published skills and your own skills currently in development, so you can see how your card will appear to users.

Alexa app preview screenshot

Privacy & Compliance

In this area, you provide information about whether your skill allows users to make purchases or spend money, collects personal information, is directed to or targets children under the age of 13, or contains advertising. You must also certify that your skill meets export compliance requirements.

Finally, provide instructions for the Alexa team to test your skill. Be sure to include any account or hardware requirements. Note that this information is not shown to users.

privacy and compliance screenshot


It is your responsibility to make sure that your skill does not violate intellectual property copyrights. All the material incorporated should be your personal creation.


In this area, you choose who should have access to the skill and where it should be available.

There are three options for who should have access to this skill.


Publish the skill to the general public. Anyone with an Alexa device can enable and use your skill, provided it is available in their region and language.

Alexa for business organizations

Publish the skill as a private skill available to select businesses.

Beta test

Make the skill available for up to 500 beta users (per skill) that you personally select. Invite friends or family, your social network contacts, or any person for whom you have an email address to test your skill and provide feedback.

At any time, you can add testers, remove testers, or end a test. You can see tester feedback in the Amazon Developer Portal. You can get feedback on your skill throughout the testing cycle and reduce costs by making fixes before you release the skill to production.


Using skill beta testing can help increase your chances of skill success.

With a beta test, you can test your skill before releasing it to production. You can also use a beta test to test changes to an existing skill, while keeping the currently live version of the skill available for the general public.

To see if beta testing is available for a skill, click the arrow to expand the Beta Test block.

availability screenshot

If beta testing is available, the block expands. Within the block, add an email address for the beta test administrator and then email addresses for your beta testers.

availability screenshot

If your skill is missing required information, this area indicates that beta testing is not available.

beta test screenshot

At the bottom of the Availability page, indicate whether the skill should be available in all countries and regions where Amazon distributes skills or only selected countries and regions.

Continue to module 8 to learn about the skill certification process and publish your skill to the skill store.