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Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to pay for products and services using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts. It’s a familiar buying experience from a brand customers know and trust.

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The convenient, trusted way to pay
Increase your customer reach

Amazon Pay can help you acquire and retain customers by leveraging the trust they place on Amazon and offering buyers a seamless shopping experience.

Help reduce cart abandonments

Amazon Pay’s fast & easy checkout process, built on years of Amazon’s innovation in checkout optimization can help increase conversions & lower cart abandonments for buyers using their existing Amazon accounts.

Match the way your customers like to shop

Amazon Pay delivers a seamless checkout experience across desktop, mobile, and voice – making it easy for customers to make purchases wherever they are.

Explore Amazon Pay solutions

Ecommerce plug-ins

Streamline the configuration of Amazon Pay for your store with help from one of many ecommerce providers.

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One-time payments

Keep full control of the checkout experience with a customizable integration of Amazon Pay into your site.

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Automatic payments

Allow for payment-on-file scenarios such as recurring billing, fast payment by returning customers, and subscriptions.

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Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills

Create an Alexa Skill that lets customers make payments using Amazon Pay with Alexa-powered devices.

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Alexa Delivery Notifications for Amazon Pay

Provide shipment tracking information to Amazon Pay so that Amazon Pay can notify buyers on Alexa when shipments are delivered.

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