Encapsulates details about an Authorization object, including the status, amount captured, and fee charged.

Datatype: content

Element Name Description
AuthorizationBillingAddress Represents the billing address that is associated with the payment method chosen by the buyer in the wallet widget.

A complete billing address will be returned only if the following conditions are met:
  • The authorization has the status Open or Closed with the MaxCapturesProcessed reason code
Type: Address
AmazonAuthorizationId The Amazon-generated identifier for this authorization transaction. Type: xs:string
AuthorizationReferenceId The identifier for this authorization transaction that you specify.

Maximum: 32 characters

Type: xs:string
SellerAuthorizationNote A description for the authorization transaction that is shown in emails to the buyer.

Type: xs:string
AuthorizationAmount The amount to be authorized.

Type: Price
CapturedAmount The total amount that has been captured on this authorization.

Type: Price
AuthorizationFee The fee that was charged by Amazon for this authorization.

Type: Price
IdList A list of AmazonCaptureId identifiers that have been requested on this Authorization object.

This list is empty if you have not requested any captures on this authorization.

Type: List of Type: xs:string
CreationTimestamp The time at which the authorization was created. In ISO 8601 format.

Type: xs:dateTime
ExpirationTimestamp The time when the authorization expires and no further captures can be requested against the authorization. In ISO 8601 format.

Type: xs:dateTime
AuthorizationStatus Describes the current status of the authorisation.

Note: In asynchronous mode, the Authorize operation always returns the State as Pending. The authorization remains in this state until it is processed by Amazon. The processing time varies and can be a minute or more. After processing is complete, Amazon notifies you of the final processing status. For more information, see Instant Payment Notification (IPN) in the Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon integration guide.

For more information about the State and ReasonCode response elements, see Authorization states and reason codes.

Type: Status
SoftDecline Indicates whether an authorization resulted in a soft decline. If true, you might consider reconfirming the billing agreement or the order reference and submitting another authorization.

Allowed values:
  • true-the authorization resulted in a soft decline and might be successful if you try again.
  • false-the authorization was a hard decline, and you should contact the buyer to update their information.
Default value: false

Type: xs:Boolean
CaptureNow Indicates whether you specified a direct capture against the order reference. The captured amount will be disbursed to your account in the next disbursement cycle.

Allowed values:
  • true-The specified amount was directly captured. You do not need to call the Capture operation.
  • false-You must call the Capture operation to capture the funds specified in this authorization.
Default value: false

Type: xs:boolean
SoftDescriptor The description to be shown on the buyer's payment instrument statement if CaptureNow was set to true.

Maximum: 16 characters

Type: xs:string