Alexa Skill Marketing Best Practices

Drive More Customers to Your Alexa Skills

Promote Your Skill to Increase Discovery

Browse through the Alexa Skills Store, and you’ll see the innovations of our developer community on display. With so many skills for customers to use, developers should promote their skills to increase engagement and attract customers. And now that developers can make money with in-skill purchasing, it’s an even more exciting time to optimize and promote your skill to reach more customers.

To help you get started, below are some skill marketing best practices.

1. Optimize Your Skill Name and Invocation Name

Give your skill a clear and recognizable name that articulates what the skill is about and what it does for customers. The name should set clear expectations on what your skill can do and what the customer experience will be like. Learn more about choosing a skill invocation name >>

2. Write a Clear Skill Description

Make sure your skill description showcases the value of your skill. Include details and utterances that describe your skill’s features. Use keywords that may help customers discover your skill when searching in the Alexa Skills Store.

3. Add an Eye-Catching Skill Icon

Grab customers’ attention and differentiate your skill with a beautiful skill icon. Keep it simple. Customers should be able to identify your icon at a glance and have some idea what the skill represents. Learn how to create an icon with the Alexa icon builder >>

4. Send an Email to Your Network

Send your network a quick email with a link to the skill on the Alexa Skills Store along with the instructions on how to enable and invoke it on Alexa. If you already have customers who are using one of your products, send them an email or include details about the skill in your newsletter.

5. Add a Link to Your Skill in Your Email Signature

Your email signature is prime real estate for important products or messages you want to promote. Include a quick description and a link to your skill and an image of the skill icon to build awareness for your skill.

6. Feature Your Skill on Your Website

Once your skill is published, craft a message for your homepage announcing your skill and pointing customers to it in the Alexa Skills Store. You can also make the announcement and introduce your skill on your blog.

7. Promote Your Skill on Social Media

Amplify the news about your skill and expand its reach to thousands (or millions) of potential users on social networks. You can post a link to your skill in the Alexa Skills Store or share a link to the blog post you write announcing the skill. You can also share your skills directly from the Alexa app.

8. Follow Amazon Promotion Best Practices

One of the most common questions we receive from developers is “How can I get my skill featured by Amazon?” We review and consider all skills. We look at a variety of customer experience factors including Alexa Skills Store ratings, engagement, and repeat usage as positive signals that skills meet our criteria. There are customer experience best practices you can leverage to increase the chances of your skill being featured by Amazon. Read the best practices for Amazon promotion >>

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