Alexa Live 2020

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Discover the Latest in Voice Technology

During Alexa Live, our virtual developer event, we brought together the developer and device maker community to explore the latest advancements in voice technology and Alexa development tools. Whether you build Alexa skills, make Alexa devices, or lead a business that’s incorporating voice, Alexa Live offered content and resources to help you build delightful customer experiences. View the on-demand sessions and resources to catch up on the news and technical deep-dives we shared at Alexa Live 2020.

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Alexa Live Feature Releases

News for Skill Builders 

You’ve told us how we can improve the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to help you do even more with voice. In response, we announced 31 new ASK features to help you deliver more natural and immersive Alexa experiences. Read our blog to learn about the skill-building features announced at Alexa Live.

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News for Device Makers

You can make nearly any device into an Alexa-compatible smart device your customers will love with the new Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) Module with Espressif Chipset, announced at Alexa Live. Read our blog to learn how you can reduce the cost, time, and effort to create high-quality Alexa-compatible products with the ACK module.

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Dive deeper into the topics and features covered at Alexa Live during office hours with the Alexa team. Connect with Alexa experts to get your business and technical questions answered.

On-Demand Sessions 

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