Alexa Live

Free Online Conference for Voice Developers

May 2, 2019


Alexa Anywhere

Get an overview of the voice-first movement, conversational AI trends, and the latest Alexa developer tools to help you give your vision a voice.

Trends Shaping the Future of Voice

Join Alexa's head of education and Bret Kinsella, Editor and Publisher of, for a closer look at the growing voice economy and where it's heading.

Design Track

Shift From Screen-First to Voice-First Design

Designing for voice is different from designing for screens. There are subtle but potent differences to consider. Attend this session to learn the four design best practices that are unique to voice-first interactions.


Design Engaging Voice-First Games

Developers are adding voice to their wildest gaming ideas. Learn about the diverse world of Alexa gaming and how to build engaging voice games that players will love.


Tailor Your Skills to Personalize Experiences

You can personalize the voice experience by providing information that's contextually relevant to your customer. Learn how to use features like the Customer Profile API and state management to better engage with your customers.


How to Write Great Dialogs for Alexa Skills

Great dialog can elevate a voice experience from a transaction to a conversation. Learn best practices for writing engaging dialog that will make your voice experience more focused, natural, and simple for customers.


Tools Track

Getting Started with Alexa: Build Your First Great Alexa Skill

Join this walkthrough to learn the fundamentals of creating an engaging Alexa skill. You'll learn design and engineering best practices for creating personal and dynamic skills.


Build, Test, and Monetize in the Alexa Developer Console

Attend this technical session for a deeper dive into how in-skill purchasing works. Learn how to implement and debug at every stage of the purchasing flow.


Best Practices for Testing Your Alexa Skills

Explore the suite of developer tools in the Alexa Skills Kit and how you can use them to code, deploy, test, debug, and collaborate on skills more productively.


Developer Tools: Build Better Skills Faster

Testing and automation help you deliver reliable skills for customers and a great user experience. Get an overview of unit testing and end-to-end testing best practices for Alexa skills.


Monetization Track

Make Money with Alexa Skills: An Overview

Developers are making money and building businesses through Alexa skills using in-skill purchasing (ISP) or Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills. Learn about the different in-skill products you can offer to make money and engage customers.


3 Aspects of Alexa's In-Skill Purchase API

Attend this technical session for a deeper dive into how in-skill purchasing works. We'll walk through data and user flow diagrams of a monetized Alexa skill.


Deep Dive: In-Skill Purchasing with Node.js

Learn how to add in-skill purchasing to Alexa skills in this technical deep dive of our monetized sample skill. We'll explain each line of code as we walk through several scenarios that monetized skills should be able to handle.


Live Coding: Adding ISP to Voice-First Games

Learn how to create premium game features such as hints and leaderboards in this technical deep dive of our new sample skill. You'll gain an understanding of the three types of in-skill product options and advanced concepts.


Multimodal Track

Building Voice-First, Visual Experiences for Alexa

Discover how the Alexa Presentation Language (APL) makes it easy to develop voice-first, visual experiences for tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices with screens. Learn how to use APL components, adaptability features, reusable design patterns, and viewport profiles to create rich, interactive multimodal experiences.


How We Design Multimodal Skills at Discovery

By combining voice with complementary visuals, you can deepen engagement between your skill and target audience. Hear from the technology director at Discovery, Inc. to learn how his team used APL to build voice-first, visual experiences for leading brands like Food Network and Discovery Channel.


Getting Started with APL

Learn how to create visually rich voice-first games in this technical deep dive of our new sample skill. You'll learn how to leverage APL components to complement your voice experience with visuals.


Deep Dive: Building Multimodal Game Skills

Gain an interactive walkthrough of how to build an APL template using the new APL authoring tool in the Alexa Developer Console and how to incorporate an APL template into your skill.