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George L.

- Team Leader

I am a first year student in the Masters in Language Technologies program at CMU. My research focuses on topic shifts and segmentation in casual conversation, but I am more broadly interested in both understanding and synthesizing casual conversations. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Computer Science and a focus in Artificial Intelligence.

Gabriel Bayomi T.K

I'm currently on my master’s program at the School of Computer Science at CMU. My research focus is on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Multimodal Human-Centered Interactions. I was previously part of the Stanford Crowd Research Initiative and am currently working in an annotated crowdsourcing framework for multimodal interactions at CMU's Articulab. Before joining CMU, I was an intern of the continuous improvement team at Kraft Heinz, working with applied data analytics and also an intern at the Global Services team at Brightcove in Boston.

Hima Varsha D.

I am a Master’s student at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. Last year, I worked as a Machine Learning researcher, mining customer reviews to extract qualitative insights. My research lies in using neural networks for natural language processing. I have also been working in multimodal techniques for collaborative filtering and also topic modelling.

Mihir K.

I'm a Master's student enthusiastic about Machine Learning and NLP. Prior to CMU I worked on user personalization at Flipkart.

Pravalika A.

I am a first year graduate student at the School of Computer Science, CMU. I am broadly interested in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am currently working with Prof. Anthony Tomasic on building a web browsing assistant called SayHear that helps blind users query the web using a conversational question-answering speech dialogue interface. Previously, I graduated from National Institute of Technology, where I did projects on Information Retrieval, Sanskrit Steganography and Semantic analysis on Code-Switched data.

Poorva R.

I am a Master's student in the Language Technologies Institute at CMU. My research interests broadly lie at the intersection of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Prior to joining CMU, I interned at Intuit in Summer 2016 and pursued my Bachelor's from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India.

Radhika P.

I am a first year graduate student in Language Technologies Institute (LTI) at Carnegie Mellon University focusing on ML and NLP. I did my under graduation from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. I worked as a software engineer at SAP Labs, USA prior to joining CMU. My current research is on developing Conversational/ Dialogue Agents for social conversations, task oriented strategy based bots to promote collaborative group learning.

Srividya Pranavi P.

I am a first-year graduate student in the Computational Data Science program at Carnegie Mellon, specializing in Machine Learning. I'm interested in applying Information Retrieval and abuse detection techniques to improve conversational AI.

Zachary K.

I am a Master’s candidate at the Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science. My current research involves machine learning, Bayesian learning, and learning to rank.

Alexander Rudnicky

- Faculty Advisor

Researcher in spoken language systems. A Faculty Advisor.

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