Emory University - Emora

Sarah F.

- Team Leader

Sarah is a third-year PhD student in Computer Science in the Natural Language Processing Lab at Emory University. This is her second year participating as Team Lead in the Alexa Prize. Her research interests are in natural language processing, especially for dialogue management in conversational systems.

James F.

James is a third year PhD student working with Professor Jinho Choi at Emory University's Natural Language Processing Lab. This is his second year participating in the Alexa Prize. He is particularly interested in dialogue research, with an emphasis on dialogue management and chat-oriented dialogue.

Liyan X.

Liyan is a second-year PhD at EmoryNLP and his research focuses on document-level understanding, including document classification, question-answering, extraction tasks and coreference resolution.

Han H.

Han is a third year PhD student, working on parsing with Prof. Jinho Choi.

Mack H.

Mack is a junior at Emory University majoring in Computer Science (BS) and English (BA). He is from Houston, Texas and enjoys literature, programming, and music.

Daniil H.

Daniil is an Undergraduate Computer Science student currently based in Atlanta. Having worked on a research paper on imagine classification of bacterial bio films, he is now focusing on NLP.

Jinho Choi

- Faculty Advisor

Jinho Choi is an assistant professor of Computer Science, Quantitative Theory and Methods, and Linguistics at Emory University. He obtained MSE in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania supervised by Mitch Marcus, PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado Boulder supervised by Martha Palmer, and postdoctoral at the University of Massachusetts Amherst supervised by Andrew McCallum. His research is focused on Machine Comprehension and Dialogue Management with the overarching goal of building innovative models for deep contextual understanding in dialogue that subsequently enables machines to conduct engaging and meaningful conversations with humans.

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