Carnegie Mellon University - Tartan

Oleksandr R.

- Team Leader

Oleksandr is a fourth year Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Algorithm, Combinatorics and Optimization program based in the Mathematical Department. Alex has research expertise in designing and optimizing algorithms, as well as passion and experience with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. On top of his research, Alex loves teaching and coaching students. He served as Deputy Leader of the USA team at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

George L.

George is a second-year masters student excited about NLP and dialog. As a participant of last year’s Alexa Prize he is excited to apply the lessons he learned to make the best chatbot yet ;)

Jeena Y.

Jeena is a rising Senior studying Computer Science and Music Technology. She is experienced in natural language processing, game design, and experience design. Jeena is interested in gameplay and experience design for the team’s Socialbot.

Shuwen W.

Shuwen is an undergraduate student in the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University. Shuwen has project experience in sentiment analysis, question generation and answering, and field robotics. She is interested in information retrieval and semantics analysis.

Peter W.

Peter is a student at CMU SCS concentrating in machine learning and passionate about research in speech processing. His research primarily focuses on applying novel deep learning techniques to a variety of speech tasks.

Dravyansh S.

Dravyansh is a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Computer Science Department. Dravyansh is interested in machine learning theory and applications of machine learning, in particular to natural language processing. His research experience includes online optimization and speech processing.

Yohan J.

Yohan is a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests are at the intersection of language technologies and human learning -- now centered on computational analysis of critical thinking in civil discourse. His current work is focused on identifying reasoning types in argumentation and generating persuasive arguments. A large portion of his research has concerned identifying and operationalizing various types of conversational acts, by designing un/semi/indirectly-supervised models informed by how humans use language.

Fanglin C.

Fanglin is a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Human-Computer Institute of the School of Computer Science. Fanglin has a research background in mobile computing, information retrieval, and intelligent agent. Fanglin is interested in knowledge-grounded conversation models.

Hongyi Z.

Hongyi is a Masters student at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. With dual background in artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology, Hongyi is widely interested in topics that involve both fields, including natural language processing. Hongyi has conducted research in adversarial attacks, educational data mining and computational psychiatry, where each field he believes can benefit the understanding of intelligence in both a humane and a computational fashion.

Shiyang L.

Shiyang is an experienced multidisciplinary designer focused on anticipating and testing users' needs to create design solutions that are simple, elegant, and delightful. She is a Master's student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Alex Rudnicky

- Faculty Advisor

Alexander is a Professor Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Language Technologies Institute of the School of Computer Science. Dr. Rudnicky's research has spanned many aspects of spoken language, including knowledge-based recognition systems, language modeling, spoken language system architectures, multi-modal interaction, analysis of conversational structure, and design principles for speech interfaces. He has been active in research into spoken dialog, and has made contributions to dialog management, language generation, confidence metrics for recognition and understanding and human-robot interaction. Dr. Rudnicky is interested in the induction of concepts and task structure from speech, and proactively acquire of knowledge through dialog.

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