Ohio State University - Team TacoBot

Shijie C.

- Team Leader

Shijie is an incoming Ph.D. student in CSE. He has research experience in semantic parsing, question answering and machine learning.

Ziru C.

Ziru is a rising 4th-year undergraduate in Computer Science. He has recently received a departmental scholarship from OSU CSE for his academic excellence. Ziru has strong engineering skills and research experience in Text-to-SQL parsing, dialogue response generation, NER, and question answering. He will be an internal director of the team and lead to develop the overall system architecture and NLG modules.

Tianshu Z.

I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University, working with Prof. Huan Sun. I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. My current research interests focus on semantic parsing and table representation learning.

Lingbo M.

I am a second year CS PhD student. My research lies in semantic parsing and question answering. Specifically, I focus on answering complex questions in a conversational manner. Also, I explore utilizing different data sources including knowledge base and text corpus to answer open domain questions. Prior to PhD, I got a Master degree working on the intersection of computer vision and NLP with a publication in ACCV, particularly on image captioning and visual storytelling.

Yu G.

I am a second year Ph.D. student in computer science at The Ohio State University. My current research interest is situated in natural language processing, with focus on semantic parsing and knowledge base. Specifically, topics I am interested in include natural language interface (e.g., semantic parsing and dialogue systems) and representation learning for knowledge bases (e.g., knowledge base embedding and knowledge-aware language modeling).

Zhen W.

Zhen is a 5th-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University, advised by Huan Sun. He has spent time interning in Microsoft Research Redmond and NEC Labs America. His research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Mining. His research focuses on building trustworthy NLP/ML models powered by interpretable and robust knowledge representation and reasoning. He studies information extraction, question answering, graph learning and interpretable machine learning.He’s won several research awards, including several student travel awards, Rising Stars in Data Science by UChicago, etc.

Ashley L.

3rd-year PhD student in Computational Linguistics. She works on conversational semantic parsing and dialogues and specializes in pragmatics, RSA (Rational Speech Act) frameworks, and discourse analysis.

Samuel S.

Sam is an incoming PhD student at the Ohio State University with a focus in natural language processing. He has research experience in language model interpretability and domain adaptation for conversational interfaces, as well as industry experience with GE Aviation, Microsoft and SpaceX.

Xiang Y.

Xiang is a 3rd year Ph.D. student from the Ohio State University. He has broad interests in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with an emphasis on Question Answering (QA). Particularly, his research aims to build trustworthy QA systems in the wild, which must retain high standard aspects such as generalization, privacy awareness, and knowledge awareness. He aspires one day human can place an enormous trust in QA systems. Before being an NLPer, he had 3 years research experience in data mining and bioinformatics.

Xiang D.

My research interests lie in NLP and data mining, with emphasis on knowledge discovery and utilization from heterogeneous sources. Specifically, I am interested in tasks like: (1) Knowledge extraction and integration from web texts, tables and knowledge graph. (2) Question answering and semantic parsing with text and structured data. Recently, my research has been focused on pretraining for data other than plain text, and effective pretraining for downstream tasks.

Sun Huan

- Faculty Advisor

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