How to Build a Multimodal Alexa Skill

Wrapping Up & Resources

Thank you for joining our introductory APL course! We hope you’ve learned a lot. For more information about Alexa Multimodal, visit

Food for Thought

There are a few ways you can improve this skill and add a better visual experience. Think about the following:

  1. Design a custom GUI for FireTV.
  2. Add a screen for the intents we did not cover. For instance, when we successfully get the birthday, you can add visuals of the year, month, and day to that screen (text and a calendar, perhaps?).
  3. Vector art! You can use the AVG vector format. There are some tools to help convert SVGs.
  4. Make a better fix to the Spot device which includes the image. Instead of displaying the text only, add the image behind the text (and make it look good).
  5. Build the commands in a more reusable way. Define a slideIn command with direction and apply it to each text element.

Advanced Resources

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