Your GameOn Console

Get Started for Tournament Players

To join a Twitch tournament from a GameOn game:

  1. Get a game code from the GameOn Tournament Organizer extension on Twitch.
  2. Enter the code to join a tournament from the GameOn game.

The code links your GameOn identity with your Twitch Id and User Name. GameOn needs to link accounts only once for a game.

Get a game code from the Twitch extension

  1. Navigate to the tournament details view for an upcoming tournament or the leaderboard view for an ongoing tournament.
  2. Click the Get Code button. The extension provides an account-linking code. Use this code in the next step.

Join the Tournament

  1. Start the GameOn game. Find the tournaments section in the game.
  2. Enter the code when prompted by the game
  3. Join the tournament from the listing within the game.


  • The code provided by the extension is valid for 45 minutes. If the code becomes invalid, return to the extension to generate a new code.
  • You need to link the game to your Twitch account only once for a given device.
  • Each code is valid for only one device.

Get a new Twitch code

You can return to the Twitch Extension and create a new code for yourself. You need a new code to play the same tournament on different devices, because each code is valid for only one device. You also need a new code if you re-install the GameOn game.