Your GameOn Console

Console Tasks Overview

The GameOn console is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to ensure that everyone, including your marketing team and community managers, can manage competitions. From the GameOn console, you can create individual and team competitions, determine who can participate, assign prizes, and end competitions. Use the GameOn Console to easily schedule recurring leaderboards and competitions.

GameOn also provides an Admin API to perform many of these same tasks.

Pages at a Glance

GameOn Billing Overview
Each developer account receives 35,000 free plays per month (for the first 6 months) across all apps. After this period, your AWS account will be billed for GameOn usage. more »
Manage Games
How to register your game and link the game to your AWS account. more »
Manage Competitions
How to create competitions and configure prizes and other optional competition features. more »
Manage Team Competitions
Describes how to create team competitions and configure prizes and other optional features for team competitions. more »
Manage In-game Prizes
How to use the GameOn Console to create and manage your in-game prizes. more »
Console Settings for Tournament Organizer
Use the GameOn Console to make your game available in the Twitch Tournament Organizer Extension and to enter settings related to using your game in competitions. more »