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Admin API
The GameOn Admin API provides methods to add tournaments, create prize lists, create Requirements Groups, and close down tournaments.


GameOn Console and documentation mostly use the more generic term Competition rather than Tournament. However, the API methods include the word tournament. These words are synonymous as used in GameOn.


Entry Requirements
To help ensure that your competition is fun and fair for players, you can define entry requirements for the competition, such as geographic location, device type, or player skill level.


GameOn Console
The GameOn console is a web-based self-service portal to create and manage your GameOn competitions. You can create a competition, determine who can participate, assign prizes, monitor the competition, and end the competition.
Game API
The GameOn Game API enables you to integrate your games with Amazon GameOn competitions. Use this API to present players with tournaments and tournament details, have them enter a tournament, submit their score and show them the leaderboard and let players claim their prizes.
Game stats
the set of stats that a game supports. A stat refers to a score type. When the game sends a submitScore request, the request includes the score value for each stat.


Individual Competition
Each player competes for prizes based on their individual scores. For comparison, see Team Competition
In-game Prize
In-game prizes have value within the game, such as badges, tokens, equipment, player levels, or special game levels. For comparison, see Real-world Prize


In a competition, you can give players a specific number of “lives” or “tries” to achieve the highest score they can while playing the game. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is crowned the winner.
Leaderboard stat
when you create a tournament, you can specify the stat to use for the leaderboard. GameOn uses this stat to determine the player ranking on the leaderboard.
Rather than ranking players based on a score within a game, rank players by the number of wins (or any other metric) over a given time period. Award top players at the end of each league.


Multi-round Competitions
Engage fans longer with multi-round competitions. Top players in each round advance to the next round of gameplay. The winner of the final round becomes the reigning champion.


Prize Bundle
A prize bundle contains one or more individual prizes. You assign a prize bundle to each of the winning ranks in the competition. The winning players receive all of the prizes in the prize bundle.
Player Attributes
Information about the player that may determine whether the player is eligible to enter a competition with entry requirements. For example, the player's home country or skill level may cause the player to be ineligible for a given competition.


Requirements Group
A Requirements Group is a specific set of requriements that you can assign as entry requirements to a competition.


A group of players, such as a team, a clan, a guild, or an alliance. You decide how teams are formed (players might be given the opportunity to choose a team or perhaps your game includes matchmaking capability).
Team Competition
A group of players participate in team competitions. Team scores determine which teams win prizes.
GameOn Console and documentation mostly use the more generic term Competition rather than Tournament. However, the API methods use the word Tournament. These words are synonymous as used in GameOn.
Tournament Organizer
GameOn Tournament Organizer is a Twitch extension that allows Twitch creators to generate tournaments inside the Twitch experience and allow players to join their tournament directly from the game.