Your GameOn Console

Get Started for Admins

The GameOn Service enables you to easily create in-game events to boost user engagement and retention. You create, manage, and monitor competitions through the self-service GameOn Console, and your developers integrate the various GameOn APIs to create GameOn tournaments.

The GameOn Console is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface you use to manage competitions. From the GameOn console, you can create individual and team competitions, determine who can participate, assign prizes, and end competitions. Use the GameOn Console to easily schedule recurring leaderboards and competitions.

Major GameOn Components

The major components of the GameOn service include:

GameOn Console: Use the GameOn Console to perform Admin Tasks, for example to create and manage GameOn competitions.

Admin API: The Admin API provides programmatic access to the same capabilities as the GameOn Console. For details about the Admin API, see the Admin API reference.

Game API: Your developers will use the Game API to integrate GameOn competitions into your games.

GOTO Twitch Extension: Game On Tournament Organizer (GOTO) is a Twitch extension that enables Twitch streamers to create GameOn tournaments for their games.

Integration Prerequisites

Before your developers can start to add GameOn integration into a game, use the GameOn Console to perform the following management tasks:

  1. Register the game
  2. Link your AWS account to the game
  3. Create a tournament

To complete these tasks, see Tournament Admin Setup for the detailed steps.

Learn About GameOn

To learn about all the different GameOn features, see GameOn Introduction and Feature Descriptions.