Digital Bundling


Amazon Mobile Associates API enables you to bundle a virtual digital item from your app with the purchase of a physical product. You can grant a digital item to the customer when they make a successful purchase.

For example, let's say you have a fitness app that tracks your users' progress towards their fitness goal. You can present to the user specific fitness related products as that relate to a specific goal e.g. a heart rate monitor so the user knows they are in their target range for an activity. Upon a successful purchase, you can make available a digital item within the app e.g. unlock fitness monitor integration with the purchase of the corresponding physical product.

The digital bundling functionality is enabled via purchase receipts.


Digital bundling is available only in conjunction with the In-App Shopping Experience. You can provide Digital Bundling if:

  • Your app is distributed through Amazon.
  • Amazon Appstore for Android is installed on the device.
  • User is logged in to Amazon Appstore for Android with a US ( account.

You can bundle virtual digital items only with the purchase of physical products.

Getting a Receipt

You can request for a receipt by passing in the appropriate parameter to the purchase API call. In order to get the receipt, your app must make a digital bundle available to the customer. What you choose to offer the customer is up to you, and should be specific to your app. A digital bundle allows you to immediately reward a customer for their purchase. The customer is informed that their purchase data will be shared with you, should you choose to offer a digital bundle, through a message on the product detail page.

The receipt is returned on completion of the purchase. In some cases, purchase completion can take some time. For this reason, the receipt notification to your app is asynchronous. You can also replay all purchases where receipts are requested through a separate API call getReceipts(...). In the event there is a longer than expected delay in completing the purchase, the only way to retrieve the receipt is through the getReceitps(...) API call. For this reason, a best practice is to always call getReceipts(...) within your app.

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