Amazon GameCircle API

Introducing GameCircle API

The Amazon GameCircle API gives players more ways to connect with your game and with each other using Achievements, Leaderboards, and cloud-to-device Whispersync. Achievements add an engaging way for players to track their progress in your game, Leaderboards let them see how they stack up against their peers, and Whispersync allows you to save progress to the cloud so users can resume their progress across their devices.

Access to the GameCircle API requires a developer account. If you already have an account, sign in to access the API. If you have not signed up for a developer account, create one now and access to the GameCircle API will be granted within 24 hours.

Video: Introducing GameCircle API


GameCircle achievements allows players to track all earned trophies, treasures, badges, awards, and more without leaving the gaming experience. Players can receive in-game messages to keep track of accolades earned in real-time or pause and view an achievements summary to check earned collections and determine what badges are still needed, before returning to gameplay.


GameCircle leaderboards provide an in-game view of score comparison information and percentile ranking, allowing players to quickly and easily check standings against top players or competitors, without ever leaving the game.


Whispersync automatically saves a player's in-game progress to the cloud and allows them to pick-up exactly where they left off when restoring a deleted game or switching devices. Players will not have to worry about losing progress, scores or achievements between Kindle Fire devices, as all data is securely stored in the cloud.

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