Amazon Analytics Service (beta)

Analytics Reports Launch Analytics
  • Simple and fast

    Review the most important metrics to assess user engagement, updated continually and available in less than 60 minutes
  • Cross-platform support

    A single destination to track your iOS, Amazon and Android apps
  • A/B Testing included

    Quickly launch A/B Tests in your iOS, Amazon and Android apps without additional SDK integration

Focus on metrics that matter

  • Active devices

    Active devices

    Go beyond downloads or installs, and understand user engagement and stickiness
  • Sessions


    Observe the frequency with which your users engage with your app
  • Retention


    Understand retention rates to optimize your acquisition efforts
  • Revenues


    Track in-app revenue trends to drive monetization uplift
  • Custom Events

    Custom events

    Get behavioral insights into app specific actions that your users take
  • Dashboard

    Overview dashboard

    Provides a quick snapshot of usage and engagement metrics in a simple-to-use dashboard
Unavailable During Maintenance