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Built for work and play

Kindle Fire HDX features hundreds of platform enhancements to make tablet technology easy to use and accessible to a much broader range of customers. With features like these, the Kindle Fire HDX devices are a great place to show off your app or game.


Got an Android app? 75% of Android apps we tested just work on Kindle Fire, with no additional development necessary. Test your app and see.

Most apps that work on 2012 Kindle Fire devices also work on the Kindle Fire HDX devices without any changes. You can use an emulator to test your app’s compatibility to ensure your customers have a great experience.

Graphics Direct Texture

The Fire OS graphics system is customized to quickly load large graphical assets like the high-resolution cover art in the Fire OS home screen. Graphics Direct Texture enables the Carousel and the Fire OS media libraries to include detailed images and still load quickly and scroll smoothly.

More Camera Support

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” now comes with forward and rear-facing cameras and will respond to Android Intents accordingly. The 8MP camera on the back of the device has a flash accessible from your app via the Camera object.

Speaker Options

All three Kindle Fire HDX tablets support Dolby Digital+ processing, and no action is required for your app to benefit from this feature. Coupled with Kindle Fire’s new display, the addition of Dolby Digital makes Kindle Fire a very compelling platform for gaming and media apps.