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Works with Amazon Alexa - Program Guidelines

Works with Amazon Alexa - Program Guidelines

Customers trust that smart home products associated with the Works with Amazon Alexa (WWAA) badge meet a high standard for quality and integration with Alexa. Smart home device manufacturers must meet the guidelines below to be eligible to receive certification to use the WWAA badge. To maintain eligibility for the WWAA badge for your products, you must at all times comply with these Program Guidelines, the Trademark Usage Guidelines, and the Badge Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time.

General Guidelines:

  1. All devices must be certified through the WWAA program to be eligible for WWAA badging. Meeting these Program Guidelines does not guarantee that your products will be certified to use the WWAA badge, but you must meet these Program Guidelines to be eligible for certification. Amazon generally reviews certification requests based on the quality of your device’s integration with Alexa and customers’ experience using your device with Alexa.

  2. Your device must integrate with Alexa in one of three ways:

    1. Connected and controlled by your skill that uses the Smart Home Skill API and is published in the skill store. If your product does not have an accompanying smart home skill, please click here to build your Smart Home API skill. We will only process applications for certification once your skill is developed and ready to be published. Smart home devices that use custom skills are approved for WWAA certification on a case-by-case basis. If your device uses a Custom skill, please contact us to determine whether your product meets our eligibility requirements for WWAA certification.

    2. Connected via a secondary device, such as a hub, and controlled by a skill provided by the hub manufacturer, which uses the Smart Home Skill API.

    3. Connected directly to Alexa via the ZigBee protocol.

  3. To obtain approval to use the WWAA badge, WWAA certification is required. WWAA certification and WWAA badge approval are determined on a product-by-product basis. WWAA certification of one of your products does not guarantee that your other smart home products will be certified or approved to use the WWAA badge. If you would like to seek WWAA certification for multiple smart home products, please submit all of your products for certification.

  4. Important Note: Amazon may update these Program Guidelines to introduce new features or requirements. You are expected to comply with these Program Guidelines, as updated from time to time, to maintain eligibility for the WWAA badge. We may also ask you to re-certify your smart home device if we introduce new features available for your device or if you seek to launch your device in a new country. If you choose not to re-certify your products, you may lose access to the WWAA badge. Amazon has sole discretion to determine whether to award or rescind access to the WWAA badge.

Quality Guidelines:

  1. Each WWAA certified product sold on Amazon must maintain reliable service and an overall good customer experience.  For example, if your product or the smart home skill associated with your product experiences outages, latency, invocation failure or other events that impact customers’ experience using your WWAA certified product(s), your affected product(s) may lose eligibility for the WWAA badge.  We may evaluate the overall customer experience using customer reviews for your products and associated skills, among other things.

  2. Your smart home skill must be up-to-date with the latest applicable Smart Home API functionality. If Amazon introduces new features or functionality to the Smart Home API for your WWAA certified product, you must update your Alexa integration to include the new feature or functionality as applicable.

  3. Amazon may conduct periodic reviews of WWAA products and Smart Home skills to ensure that they continue to meet the quality standards expected of the WWAA Program.

  4. You may need to re-certify your smart home products to maintain eligibility for WWAA badging if you update your smart home skill.