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Amazon provides the following Xamarin plugins:

Supported Amazon API 64-bit support? Where to get the plugin Documentation
In-App Purchasing v2 no Apps & Games Services SDK
Mobile Ads

Please note: The Mobile Ads plugins will be discontinued on August 31st, 2017.

yes Apps & Games Services SDK

About In-App Purchasing

The In-App Purchasing (IAP) API makes it easy for you to offer digital content and subscriptions for purchase within your app, such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine issues, consumables, and more. You can quickly be up and running, ready to give millions of Amazon customers the ability to purchase engaging digital content using Amazon 1-Click settings.

In-App Purchasing handles the details of purchase flow, payment processing, receipts, and rights management for the purchasable content. With unique receipt identifiers, the IAP API enables you to easily ensure that customers receive purchased in-app items quickly, as well as track transactions and fulfillment.

About Mobile Ads

The Amazon Mobile Ads API is an in-app display advertising solution to monetize mobile apps and games across platforms, including phones and tablets on Android, iOS, and Fire. With the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, you have the opportunity to earn more and you are paid on ad impressions served instead of clicks on ads.

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Download the Amazon Apps & Games Services SDK

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