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Pull Updates from Github (Fire App Builder)


You can stay updated about the latest commits to Fire App Builder by watching and starring the project in Github. You can also periodically check the Release Notes page in the documentation.

Getting Updates

When new versions of Fire App Builder are released and pushed out to Github, you can get the new version’s updates and integrate the code into your project.

  1. Follow the instructions in [Fork the Fire App Builder Repo][fire-app-builder-download-and-build#fork] to add the amzn/fire-app-builder repo as a remote to your own GitHub repo.

    For example, you can add the add the amzn/fire-app-builder repo as a remote to your repo with the following command:

    git remote add amzn-fab https://github.com/amzn/fire-app-builder.git

    This adds a remote called “amzn-fab” to your repo. (You can use whatever name you want for the remote.)

  2. Pull the updates with the following command:

    git pull amzn-fab master

    (If you named your remote something other than amzn-fab, use that name instead.)

    You will see merge conflicts for any files with the same name in the amazon/fire-app-builder that you’ve customized in your own repo. For example, navigator.json.

  3. Follow standard Git practices for resolving merge conflicts. See Resolving a merge conflict using the command line.

    If changes in the original repository’s files conflict with changes you’ve made to your local copy, git will not automatically overwrite your local copies with the updates. Instead, git will show you merge conflicts for the affected files and remove the affected files from its tracking. You will then need to resolve the merge conflicts, add the files back into git tracking, and commit your update.

    When you see merge conflicts, run git status to see a list of the problematic files. Open the files and look for the carrots (>>>>>>) and (<<<<<<) indicating areas of conflict. Manually edit the files to remove the carrots, selecting the changes you want to keep and deleting those you want to discard. Then add the file back into git tracking with git add ..

  4. When you’re finished resolving conflicts, build your app to make sure everything works. Then push the changes into your own GitHub repo:

    git push

Git Resources

Here are some good resources for learning git: