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Using the Custom Control Authoring Tools for Fire Phone

Use these authoring tools to create visual assets for your own custom controls for Fire phone and add them to your apps.


You can use the custom control authoring tools to create visual assets for your own Euclid-based controls for Fire phone.

Resources in this Section

Understanding the Custom Control Authoring Tools: Learn about the suite of authoring tools that allow you to create custom controls for the Dynamic Perspective UI and add them to your apps.

Setting Up Autodesk Maya: Set up the graphics tools that work with Autodesk Maya so that you can create digital graphic assets and animations.

Setting Up EuclidBuilder: Set up EuclidBuilder to gain editing and export facilities specific to Euclid.

Using Maya to Create Custom Visual Assets: Walk through how to build content for Euclid.

Using 3ds Max Instead of Maya: Use Autodesk 3ds Max instead of instead of Maya for the subset of features that 3ds Max supports.

Setting Up Euclid Bundle Builder: Use Euclid Bundle Builder (EBB) to convert the output from Maya into a format usable by the Euclid runtime.

Converting Custom Assets to Visual Bundles: After setting up EBB, convert your custom visual assets to the VBL format used by Euclid-based controls.

Using ModelMan to View Your Custom Assets on Fire Phone: Install the ModelMan tool on Fire phone to preview your custom controls on the device.

Understanding the Workflow for Visual Assets: Review the flow of data from digital content creation tools through the pipeline and into the Euclid runtime.