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What's New in the Fire Phone SDK


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SDK for Fire Phone OS v3.5.x Released (June 2014)

The initial release of the Fire Phone SDK (Fire Phone OS 3.5.x) included the following set of APIs:

 API  Java Package
Head Tracking API
 com.amazon.headtracking API to access the head-tracking data recorded by the Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective sensors.
Motion Gestures API
 com.amazon.motiongestures API to respond to gesture events such as peek, continuous peak, and tilt events.
 Home API
 com.amazon.device.home Develop for the Fire Phone home screen, including creating an app icon and an app widget.
Side Panels (Foundation Controls)
 amazon.widget Use side panels to provide extra functionality that doees not reside on your app's main panel.
Euclid Controls and UI Framework
 com.amazon.euclid Add 3D controls and effects to your app.
Firefly Plugin API
 com.amazon.mw  Enable your app to recognize real world objects, such as songs, books, and movies.

Updated SDK for Fire Phone OS v3.5.x Released (July 2014)

The following APIs are supported on with all Fire Phone OS releases; however, they were not exposed to developers until the July 2014 Fire Phone SDK was released. These APIs include functionality for haptics and tilt scrolling:

 Feature  Class  Package  Description
Haptics  Haptics  com.amazon.device.haptics Extends the Android Vibrator class to enable playing pre-stored haptics effects and varying vibrations by strength.
Tilt Scrolling
TiltScrollController  com.amazon.util Controls list and grid scrolling based on the tilt of the device in relation to a user's head.
Tilt Scrolling PanelVisibleTrigger  com.amazon.util.triggers Trigger based on whether the specified SidePanel is currently the visible top panel or not.
Tilt Scrolling StateTrigger  com.amazon.util.triggers Trigger that can toggle tilt-scrolling on or off.
Tilt Scrolling TouchEventTrigger  com.amazon.util.triggers Trigger whose response depends on if a view is in a touch event.

Fire OS API Level Introduced (November 2014)

Separate from an SDK release, in November 2014, the Amazon Appstore introduced the concept of API Level for the Fire Phone SDK. This feature helps simplify the approval process for submitting your app to the Amazon Appstore. To help ensure that your app is only installed on Amazon devices running a compatible version of Fire OS, specify a value for the minSdkVersion attribute in your AndroidManifest.xml file. The minSDKVersion attribute determines the Amazon devices on which your app can run. The current valid values for API Level are 1 & 2, and these values are interchangeable for Fire Phone OS 3.5.x, meaning that you can specify either value if you are targeting Fire Phone OS 3.5.x.

If you have already submitted your app, you do not need to do anything; however, you will be notified to address API Level for future submissions.

If you do not specify a minimum API Level and submit or resubmit an app, the Amazon Appstore will assign the most current API Level during the submission/approval process.

To learn more about API Level, see Configuring Your App for Fire Phone.

Updated SDK for Fire Phone OS v3.6.x Released (January 2015)

The Fire Phone OS 3.6.x release for the Fire Phone SDK includes the following changes from Fire Phone OS 3.5.x/API Revisions 1 & 2:

 Class  Package  Description
Fire OS API Level 3 added.
 N/A N/A API Level/SDK Revision for the January 2015 release. If you plan to use new features from this release, set the minSdkVersion to level 3 in your AndroidManifest.xml file.
New Haptics constant.


New class to support attaching custom scrollable controls to TiltScrollController. TiltScrollable
  • scrollStart
  • scrollBy
  • ScrollEnd
  • pixelRemainingDirection
  • hasContentToScroll
  • Attach
  • Detach
New class to support attaching custom scrollable controls to TiltScrollController. TiltScrollDirection
Enumeration Values
  • UP
  • DOWN
  • NONE
New and deprecated ZPeekAlphaController constants.

New constants:


Deprecated support for the constants for ZPeekAlphaController:

  • android.view.View: boolean
  • android.view.View: boolean:boolean
  • android.view.View: boolean:boolean:boolean
  • android.view.View: int
  • android.view.View: int:android.view.animation.Interpolator:int:boolean
  • android.view.View: int:android.view.animation.Interpolator:int:boolean:boolean
  • android.view.View: int:android.view.animation.Interpolator:int:boolean:boolean:boolean

Added Support:

  • android.view.View/code>
  • addView.android.view.View
  • addViews.android.view.View
  • removeView.android.view.View
  • removeViews.android.view.View
Deprecated ZExtrudedText methods to simplify font support.

Deprecated methods:

  • getLetterSpacing
  • getScaleType
  • setLetterSpacing
  • setScaleType
Deprecated font support. Affects ZExtrudedText.ZFont. To ensure the stability of your app's fonts, use an Amazon font.

Deprecated font support:

  • AndroidClock
  • AndroidClock_Highlight
  • AndroidClock_Solid
  • AndroidEmoji
  • AnjaliNewLipi_light
  • Baskerville
  • Baskerville_Bold
  • Baskerville_BoldItalic
  • Baskerville_Italic
  • Caecilia
  • Caecilia_Bold
  • Caecilia_BoldItalic
  • Caecilia_Italic
  • Clocktopia
  • Code2000
  • DroidNaskh_Regular
  • DroidNaskh_Regular_SystemUI
  • DroidSans
  • DroidSansArmenian
  • DroidSansDevanagari_Regular
  • DroidSansEthiopic_Regular
  • DroidSansFallback
  • DroidSansGeorgian
  • DroidSansHebrew_Bold
  • DroidSansHebrew_Regular
  • DroidSansMono
  • DroidSansTamil_Bold
  • DroidSansTamil_Regular
  • DroidSansThai
  • DroidSans_Bold
  • DroidSerif_Bold
  • DroidSerif_BoldItalic
  • DroidSerif_Italic
  • DroidSerif_Regular
  • Georgia
  • Georgia_Bold
  • Georgia_BoldItalic
  • Georgia_Italic
  • HYGothicBold
  • HYGothicMedium
  • HYMyeongJoBold
  • HYMyeongJoMedium
  • HYMyeongJoBold
  • Kindle_Symbol
  • Lohit_Bengali
  • Lohit_Kannada
  • Lohit_Teluga
  • LucindaConsole
  • LucindaSansWGL
  • LucindaSansWGL_Bold
  • LucindaSansWGL_Italic
  • LucindaSansWGL_Regular
  • MHeiM_Big5HKSCS_E
  • MTChineseSurrogates
  • MTLmr3m
  • MYingHeisMedium
  • NanumGothic
  • Palatino
  • Palatino_Bold
  • Palatino_BoldItalic
  • Palatino_Italic
  • RobotoCondensed_Bold
  • RobotoCondensed_BoldItalic
  • RobotoCondensed_Italic
  • RobotoCondensed_Regular
  • Roboto_Bold
  • Roboto_BoldItalic
  • Roboto_Italic
  • Roboto_Light
  • Roboto_LightItalic
  • Roboto_Regular
  • Roboto_ThinItalic
  • STBShusongRegular
  • STYuanMedium
  • TBGothicBold_213
  • TBGothicMed_213
  • TBMinchoBold_213
  • TBMinchoMedium_213
  • Trebuc
  • Trebuc_Bold
  • Trebuc_BoldItalic
  • Trebuc_Italic
  • TsukuMinPr5_Bold
  • TsukuMinPr5_Medium
  • Verdana
  • Verdana_Bold
  • Verdana_BoldItalic
  • Verdana_Italic
Deprecated values for  SetGlyph method.
ZResourceHandle, ZSceneTree
com.amazon.euclid.vbm.ZResourceHandle, com.amazon.euclid.View.ZSceneTree
Deprecated values for  SetGlyph method. See the updated Fire Phone API reference for details
New classes to support the entity facet type for Firefly.
  • com.amazon.mw.entity.ArtFacet
  • com.amazon.mw.plugin.
  • com.amazon.mw.entity
  • com.amazon.mw.plugin

New classes:

  • ArtFacet
  • StaticLabelDigitalEntityUI
Support added for the entity facet type.
  • BarcodeFacet.BarcodeFormat
  • DigitalEntityFilter
  • FacetType

New constants:

  • BarcodeFacet.BarcodeFormat.DATA_MATRIX
  • FacetType.ART

New method:

  • DigitalEntityFilter.addNotAnyFacets
Superclass changes for some Firefly classes.
ResolvingPlugin, SimplePlugin
com.amazon.mw.plugin Superclass is different for ResolvingPlugin, SimplePlugin.
New Firefly error type.
com.amazon.mw.plugin New constant: PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION_ERROR
New and deprecated Euclid attributes.

New attributes:

  • arrowColor
  • disabledBrightness
  • maxFastScrollSpeed
  • maxSlowScrollSpeed
  • scrollAnimationStyle

Deprecated attribute: typeface

New Euclid attributes to style Euclid controls and scroll animation.

New attributes:

  • Widget_Euclid_Dark_ScrollAnimation
  • Widget_Euclid_Dark_ZHeaderNavigationBar_SecondaryTitleStyle_Small
  • Widget_Euclid_Dark_ZHeaderNavigationBar_SubtitleStyle_Large
  • Widget_Euclid_Dark_ZHeaderNavigationBar_TitleStyle_Small
  • Widget_Euclid_Default_ScrollAnimation
  • Widget_Euclid_Light_ScrollAnimation
  • Widget_Euclid_Light_ZHeaderNavigationBar_SecondaryTitleStyle_Small
  • Widget_Euclid_Light_ZHeaderNavigationBar_SubtitleStyle_Large
  • Widget_Euclid_Light_ZHeaderNavigationBar_TitleStyle_Small
Documentation updates to reflect new SDK features.

Updates to the following topics