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Design Principles

We believe...

that the world is not flat

  • We believe the world has depth.
  • We obsessed with how to connect the real world to your digital world.
  • It is about harnessing the full potential of being digital.

that the world is not static

  • We believe the world is in constant motion.
  • We focused on how to respond to users' movements.
  • We focused on how to respond to users' context.
  • We looked at deeply integrating our user interface with our hardware capabilities.

that the content shines brightest

  • We focused on our customer’s content and primary tasks.
  • We focused on making the content the user interface.

in simplicity

  • We prioritized on showing primary tasks first.
  • We wanted to reward the user on close inspection through rich, useful details.
  • We wanted to provide a sense of delight. It can be subtle but it reinforces why our experience is unique and rewarding.
  • Our designs are crisp, precise, and efficient.

in tailor made

  • Our product exudes the finest craftsmanship.
  • Every fit and finish detail matters to the product experience.

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