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Alexa Voice Service API Overview



The components of a RESTful exchange are an HTTP request that is sent to the hosting server, in this case the Alexa Voice Service, and an HTTP response. Each HTTP response includes one or more directives that tell a device to take action.

Note: All communication involving customer data should be over TLS/SSL.

The REST API for the Alexa Voice Service exposes two interfaces:

  • Speech Recognizer
  • Audio Player

Speech Recognizer

The Speech Recognizer has two requests; one for sending speech from a user to the Alexa Voice Service and one for notifying the Alexa Voice Service that the timeout for listening has been reached.

Audio Player

The Audio Player has several requests that notify the Alexa Voice Service that the audio player has started playing, has finished playing, has been interrupted, is sitting idle, and has encounter an error. The Audio Player additionally has requests that notify the Alexa Voice Service about the current status of the audio player and that metadata is available for the currently playing media, as well as a request to retrieve the next item in the active media playlist.

Install the AVS Sample App

Learn how to access and interact with AVS using the AVS Sample App: