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Building a voice skill is very different than building a mobile application. We offer both live and on-demand self-paced training to help you learn the basics of voice design and hear how to get started with Alexa skills.

Get Started Quickly with Skill Templates

These step-by-step guides are designed to help you get an Alexa skill up and running quickly. Build your first (or next) Alexa skill in under an hour.

  • Trivia Skill template - A great place to start for any first time Alexa skills developer. This tutorial steps you through the end-to-end process of building a solid trivia skill and submitting it for certification.
  • Fact Skill template - Another easy tutorial for both developers and non-developers to build an Alexa skill similar to "fact of the day" or "flash cards". 
  • How-to Skill template - This tutorial makes it easy to create a simple, direction-based skill for Alexa.
  • Flash Cards Skill template - This tutorial and skill template will help you create a simple skill that contains small bits of information as an aid to learning. For example, you could create "Chemistry Flash Cards" or "Nursing Flash Cards."
  • Calendar Reader skill template - With this tutorial, developers can integrate a public calendar feed to build an Alexa skill.

 Build skills faster and with less complexity using the Alexa SDK for Node.js on Github.

Attend Live Webinars and Office Hours

Office Hours

Join us for open office hours every Tuesday at 1 p.m. PT. During these office hours, you will be able to get answers to any technical questions you have, discuss your skill use case, learn voice design best practices and see live code demos to help you troubleshoot. 

Live Webinars

Listen to the Alexa Developer Podcast

We launched a bi-weekly podcast focused exclusively on the Alexa developer community and the Amazon teams building Alexa technology. We’ll discuss various aspects of Alexa, including the Alexa Skills Kit, Alexa Voice Service, natural language understanding, voice recognition, and first hand experiences directly from developers like you. Check out the recent episodes.

Self-Paced and On-Demand Courses

Find us on Udemy

Our new six-module Udemy course is designed to provide developers with an introduction to voice-first user experiences and the Alexa Skills Kit. Enroll Now.

On Demand Webinars

  • On Demand: Introduction to the Alexa Skills Kit | Watch now
  • On Demand: Voice Design 101 | Watch now
  • On Demand: Smart Home | Watch now
  • On Demand: Flash Briefing Skill API | Watch now

More Training Resources

Big Nerd Ranch

Our six educational modules will dive deep into building voice user interfaces using the Alexa Skills Kit. Learn about the Alexa skill architecture and interface configuration, slots and utterances, sessions and voice user interfaces, persistence, account linking, and certification and testing.


In this new Alexa skills course available on Pluralsight, you'll learn how to build custom Alexa skills in C# and ASP.NET Web API. Watch the video series for free today.


Learn how to create Lambda functions triggered by Alexa voice input and then integrate these functions with invocations and utterances stored in the Amazon Developer Portal. everage the Alexa Skills Kit templates provided in these labs to develop your own Alexa skills.