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Developers have seen great results by including in-app purchasing as a part of their revenue model within the Amazon store. One of the beta participants for the IAP API, G5 Entertainment has over 100 games across platforms that use IAP including Virtual City Playground, Special Enquiry Detail, Supermarket Mania, and Mahjong Artifacts.

According to Larissa McCleary, Director of Marketing for G5 Entertainment, "We found that by offering a product with IAP, rather than a traditional 'lite' or 'full' set of offerings, our conversion rates and revenue went up on a per-title basis."

"Although our experience with the Amazon [Apps] has always been great, we are thrilled that IAP is now available. This will allow us to continue our business model, but will also allow other developers to partake as well. Eventually, if more and more developers participate, we think we will experience even higher conversion rates, since players will be more familiar with what IAP is and how it functions, making the play experience even more engaging," McCleary said.

In addition to leading to increased revenue, McCleary also described how simple it was to get up and running quickly. "Our code was ready in one day and it took about 10 times less code to write than other IAP solutions we've implemented," said McCleary.


Get started with the Amazon In-App Purchasing API by reading the Quick Start Guide or downloading the sample app.