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A Glimpse of the All-New Gaming Experience on Kindle Fire Tablets

Soon after its introduction last November, Kindle Fire became the most successful product launch in the history of Amazon.com. In its first nine months, it accounted for 22% of U.S. tablet sales. Last week, Amazon introduced the next generation of tablets: Kindle Fire HD. The newKindle Fire tablets will give players a completely revamped gaming experience, powered by Amazon GameCircle, and with the general release of the Amazon GameCircle API, will give game developers an opportunity to get additional features and visibility at no cost.

A New Games Library


 Since playing games is one of the most popular activities on Kindle Fire, Amazon created a new Games library to give players a home base for their game collection. Games is now the first product category listed in the navigation.

Kindle Fire Carousel and Navigation

In the Games library, players can immediately see all their games, sorted by the most recently played. For games that have integrated with Amazon GameCircle, players can see their friends, achievement, and leaderboard activity before starting play. Leading games such as Jetpack Joyride, Where’s my Perry?, Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Temple Run have already integrated with Amazon GameCircle.


New Games library With GameCircle Statistics

GameCircle-enabled games also get several pages of content in the game library, including a “Summary” page, a friends page, an achievements page and a leaderboards page. The “Summary” page highlighted below features friends ranking, player scores and next achievement to earn, with a“Play” button to launch the game.

Summary Page


Social Gaming

In July, AmazonGameCircle launched with the leaderboards and achievements that customers love.Now, GameCircle lets players connect with other GameCircle players or import their Facebook Friends to compare achievements and compete for higher scores. Customers are now able to see what games their friends own and what new games they should try.

Friend Profile Page


Detailed friend-to-friend comparison pages also help customers find out how they stack up against their friends, giving a quick overview of achievements and high scores for each player. 


Friend-To-Friend Comparison Page


As a developer, all you need to do to get these features for your game is to add GameCircle achievements or leaderboards.  Best of all,these services are free and easy to integrate. Once integrated, your game will automatically feature player stats, game library content and leverage all the new social features and game discovery mechanisms.  Select GameCircle games are also highlighted in Amazon Appstore, giving your game a chance to get additional visibility among Kindle Fire customers.

For more information on GameCircle and for access to the achievement, leaderboard and Whispersync APIs, visit https://developer.amazon.com/sdk/gamecircle.html.